What do you identify as?

I identify as a northerner and Yorkshireman, but that is pure aspiration, as I have lived in the south of England all my adult life, except for brief spells in Scotland and Turkey.

Don’t you want to go back where you come from?

I often contemplate doing just that, but my wife and children have told me I’d have to go alone.

Why do you write about religion so much?

That’s odd, isn’t it? A weird part of my identity, which has seen me explore atheism, agnosticism and various different religious traditions, from Christianity to Sikhi to Islam.

I was raised in a very religious family in the Anglican tradition. Several members of my extended family are Christian clergy. My parents spending their weekends writing and delivering sermons must have rubbed off on me.

Do you think you’re a true believer?

Far be it from someone as wayward as me to claim to be a True Believer™ all others be damned. I was an agnostic in my youth and now struggle patiently on the path of monotheism. I believe this struggle to be lifelong, the outcome known only to the One.

What do you do for a living?

Something pretty mundane, boring and untaxing, but it pays the bills.

Why do you write anonymously?

My beloved asked me to adopt an anonymous persona, mostly fearing the extremism of extremists. I also feel the need to write under a pen name because the ego is pretentious and loves to boast.

Why do you maintain a blog?

This is a weird one, as I could just as well keep a private diary, but I think I mostly keep on blogging to let off steam and counsel myself.

Is your writing popular?

Hell, no. I am barely read, except by a handful of loyal followers (thanks guys). But, you know, I’m okay with that.

Why don’t other bloggers link to you?

I don’t think people are very interested in anything I have to say. And that’s totally fine.

Do you ever think about quitting blogging?

Oh of course, at least once a month.

What makes you think your opinions are correct?

I’ve never claimed to be correct in anything. I have opinions and certain understandings of the world. I explore those understandings daily.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’d love to be a brilliant writer, publishing beautiful books. I’m not there yet.

Are you woke or anti-woke?

If by woke you mean “alert to injustice in society” then I suppose that’s what I am. I believe in treating others as I’d like to be treated. I think campaigning against discrimination is a good thing.

Are you a nationalist?

I’m an internationalist in outlook. My family, both immediate and extended, is multicultural and I have always celebrated that.

Are you on social media?

On and off, but mostly off.

What do you think people think of you?

No idea, nor do I care.

You seem a bit self-centred. Are you?

Yes, I am very egocentric unfortunately. I wish I wasn’t.

Do you try to represent the marginalised in your writing?

I don’t believe in “representing” others, especially as I have not been asked to. In my fiction, I just tell stories. On my blog, I just share how I feel about things, even if those views may be unpopular.

Do you consider yourself a marginalised voice?

Yes and no. Possibly. Possibly not.

Do you consider yourself left- or right-wing?

Neither, either, both, depends. My general motto is “be nice to people” and treat others as you would like to be treated. Don’t really know what that makes me.