Bright for whom?

Our bright new future enthralled to cloud computing monopolies will serve the shareholders of those companies very well… but the rest of us? Where the idigenenous alternatives? And where the political will to challenge the status quo?

The Latvian company, Ascensio System SIA, have demonstrated what is possible with their excellent OnlyOffice platform. But alas the strategists and @ decision makers in most organisations are too set in their ways to forge a path of their own.

Dumb phone

Who in their right mind would buy a Windows Phone in 2021?

Well… I was looking for a OneDrive-connected camera, to enable the children to easily upload and hand in their handwritten school assignments.

At £20 from eBay for an ex-business flagship, for this extremely niche requirement, it was my only choice.

Indeed, as an Office-dedicated device for business and education, Microsoft could have been onto something were they not so short-sighted in hopelessly chasing a consumer market that was not interested.

Perhaps they were just ahead of the time, unable to appreciate the workplace transformation to come… and Satya too willing to jettison spare parts to placate shareholders.

The Windows 10 mobile UI is so beautiful; a fresh delight to return to from Android and iOS. And still snappy, despite four-year-old specs.

Rumour has it that Microsoft will try again, with Windows X on Arm, but I won’t hold my breath. I expect their Android-based Surface Duo to die an early death too.

In 2021, a Microsoft Lumia is the perfect “dumb phone”. Not as limited as KaiOS—entering text on a number keypad is a stretch too far in this day and age—but just the functionality you need for productivity.

It’s a shame business can no longer savour such delights. It reached end-of-life last year.

You are big brother

Amusing that outrage about popular MuslimPro app allegedly partnering with data firm allegedly selling data to US Military is being expressed on Facebook and Twitter, two open, non-anonymised social media platforms vastly more problematic from a privacy perspective. Cambridge Analytica anyone?

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Dear tech reviewer

I love your channel and style — have been a subscriber for years — but increasingly I wish tech reviewers lived in the same world as the rest of us.

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How easy it is to succumb to paranoia. On my return from lunch today, I found an alert on my phone and then my computer telling me that my Apple ID had been locked for security reasons. Apple says: “If you or someone else enters your password, security questions, or other account information incorrectly too many times, your Apple ID automatically locks to protect your security”. Continue reading “Paranoia”


Be careful what you say, for the hunters are out hunting. Say the wrong thing and they will declare your social media accounts fake, to be reported and closed. Advocate for the wrong party or speak of things that must be censored, and you will find your accounts inaccessible, marked for deletion, obliterated from public view. Speak of the wrong matters at the wrong time, and thousands will be mobilised en masse to report your profile, and silence you for good.

Why are muslims…

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ad-blocker disabled

Dear Publisher,

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