Is the intellectual an intellectual? I don’t know, because I’m not an intellectual. But friends, who I’d call intellectuals, say he is, so who am to argue? Whereas I find myself nonchalant to his speech and assertions, friends far more learned than I adore him, paraphrasing his ideas at every available opportunity. For them, his intuition is the saviour of the moment; to me his contentions are merely sentimental, as he plays to the crowd with the insipid sentiments to which we respond. To me, he is everyman to everyone: whatever he says is whatever we want to hear. But then who am I to judge? I am no intellectual, just an unlearned fool of the periphery, peering into a world that is not mine.


A jolly chap asks, “How will the Muslim devotee respond to Quran 3:54, where Allah boasts that he is the best deceiver?” The passage in question — which mentions those who disbelieved in the Messiah and plotted against him — is rendered into English by various translators as follows:  Continue reading “Deceivers”


Everybody said that the refutation was irrefutable, so I thought I would give it a chance. But all it told me was that half the protagonists were Zionist Jews and the other half deluded psychotics. Beyond racism and contempt for people suffering from mental illness, there was no substance to the refutation at all. As usual, pervasive prejudice supplants the need for a persuasive argument. Is this what our intellectualism amounts to?

Abuse of power

“So here’s the thing, if you know you have a position of power and abuse that – well, you’re awful. You’re the stuff I scrape off my shoe.” — via The Tempest

Source: I’m a Muslim convert, and when I asked for help, a well-known Muslim man tried to take advantage of me


When a man sets out to groom a woman or girl for abuse, he does not target just anyone, and certainly not his peers; he deliberately targets those who are vulnerable. If high profile grooming cases teach us anything, it is this. Continue reading “Prey”


Have pity on the sincere volunteers who give up their time and expend all of their energy supporting organisations afflicted by either corruption or incompetence at the top. They are the exploited foot soldiers of the cause, blissfully ignorant of the rot on high. They are an organisation’s greatest asset: always the believer, full of passion, sharing the good news, naively obedient and faithful. Irregardless of malfeasance amongst their leaders, without a doubt these armies of volunteers will be rewarded abundantly for their good deeds by the Lord of all the worlds. Continue reading “Downfall”


Our enemies will drive us to silence, preventing us from taking ourselves to account. For who dares speak of our own crimes, when right wing racists are already gleefully jumping up and down about them? Who dares comment on our own excesses, when governments stand ready for a clamp down? Who dares speak the truth to tradition, when our foes attack it without diminution. Instead we retreat, cowed.

The great unjust

We are the great unjust. We build careers on lies, on false qualifications. We promote our friends and overlook our enemies. We select not the best person for the job, but elevate into positions of power members of our clique, faction, sect or family. It is strange that we believe that success is our due, when clearly our Lord is above these games. For a while we may be granted reprieve, but ultimately it will all come crashing down around us. Because we are the great unjust.