Life is good

I would hate to be misunderstood. I don’t wish my life had gone in a different direction completely. I’m not blaming anyone for pushing me in one direction rather than another. I just recognise that some events had a profound impact on me. And while I hated those events at the time, there was good in them. So, no, it is all good. What I have now, I would not change. I am content with my Lord’s decree. And that is the truth.

Success vs failure

Success or failure is relative. It all depends on your vantage point, and what your measure of success is. For most of my childhood, I lived in a large five-bedroom house in one of the most affluent suburbs of our city. Our house had two large living rooms, a kitchen large enough to comfortably seat all six of us for dinner, a conservatory and gardens front, side and rear.

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Humble folk

I will take my transnational community over narrow nationalism any time. I will take this brotherhood of man over petty hatreds based on the quantity of melanin in a person’s epidermis. I choose to break bread with the humble of all the world.


Where could ambition have carried me? What could I have achieved, had I had vision, or encouragement, or guidance? I have recently encountered quite a few people I once knew in the distant past with humble beginnings who have achieved so much in their lives. In all honesty, I’m in awe of each of them.

These trajectories

Years ago, we were launched out into the world, each on a different trajectory. Encountering you again all these years later, I could never have imagined what would become of you. And you encountering me: I suppose you’re a bit perplexed too. It’s almost as if we have swapped places. I was flung out in one direction, and you in another completely. Your lifestyle now looks like my upbringing; mine, I suppose, looks a bit like yours. How could this have happened? What strange decisions we must each have made, way back through the decades. Yes, it is truly perplexing.

Your honour

It shouldn’t be the job of women’s support groups to put an end to violence against women and girls. These are messages that should be articulated and promulgated by groups working with men. Instead of focussing on peripheral issues and mere rituals, our khutbahs, halaqas and family conversations ought to be reorientated to address the grave societal problems of our time.

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