My favourite blog / vlog of the moment is that of Ali Abdaal, a splendid young chap, brimming with creativity and buzzing with positivity. It is true — following his gracious posts / videos — that I regret not striving the way this fellow clearly has in life, but all that is by the by. I recommend following his posts because it is the perfect antidote to the morass we often find ourselves subsumed in. No self-pity here. Instead, a cheerful, smiley pursuit of brilliance: inspiration for people of understanding, mashallah. Jolly good stuff.

Hungering for God

“…we must not fool ourselves about the emptiness of our impoverished state in contrast to what is possible. We must fast not only from food and drink but from the spiritual junk food that are the assurances that we are on the right path, doing the right practices, associating with the right shaykhs and shaykhas, and working to learn all the necessary religious sciences and forms of knowledge.”

Alan Godlas, Hungering for God and Allowing One’s Heart to be Fed by God, 6 May 2019

The misunderstood

For the past several weeks in our household, weekend evenings have been spent watching the touching Turkish drama, Yunus Emre, on Netflix. It has become something of a family affair, to be keenly anticipated throughout the week. Some nights we watched episodes back to back for hours on end, hooked on the quaint storytelling. In the past week we finished the final episode, and now we mourn its passing. Continue reading “The misunderstood”