3 It’s Gentle on Silk Too

Professor Ivan walked into the board room escorted by two John Major clones. All the major government figures were there. Professor Ivan enquired as to the reason for his being brought there. A voice boomed out from speakers at the end of the long, polished table: ‘You have a Government funded Time Travelling experiment. We will withdraw all funding from this exercise unless you come to us with a useful application for it within the next now!’

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2 Woke Up This Morning With Blue Suede Shoes

After the incident with the random time switch on the time machine, Secretary Blondy pledged a complaint with the ‘Secretaries Working in Time Variable Situations Complaints Commission’ in the hope that she would receive compensation and a free holiday to Barbados. As it turned out, seven strong men arrived at her office two weeks later to remove the double-glazing from her windows.

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1 The Puffin comes Home

It was the time of year when baked beans would be 33p in the shops, and the sunlight shone brightly on the gloss white bristles of Professor Ivan’s toothbrush. ‘My what a wonderful day it is, but I can tell it’s going to be another one of those days where the sunlight shines brightly on the gloss white bristles of my toothbrush, nobody will have a hairpin and for some reason I will shout Puffin as if struck by some sudden inspiration to make sea-bird pate,’ he exclaimed.

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