Crimes against humanity

The destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York twenty years ago was a crime against humanity. An act of unimaginable and unforgivable barbarity. The events of that day will forever remain etched in the psyche of a generation.

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Local vs global

How grand. In our local interactions with our immediate neighbours, we are called upon to anathematise the sectarian other of Deoband, due to their alleged beliefs and mildly different positions on the minutae of Hanafi fiqh. But on the international geopolitical scene, the local mosque is right behind the militant Deobandis of the east.

Nothing new here, I suppose. In the battle between the West and the rest, we are one. Yes, and in the UK vs Europe we are one. And in England vs Scotland we are one. And in North vs South we are one. And in Yorkshire vs Lancashire we are one. And in Hull vs Leeds we are one. And in West Hull vs East Hull we are one. And in Bransholme vs Sutton we are one. And in Warne Road vs Honiton Road we are one. Yes, but the Pickerings hate the bloody Jibsons through and through.

Lie in it

After complaining about and vilifying for years Afghan families making perilous journeys from the east, all across Europe and the English channel, British news anchors now say in all seriousness: “Why do all these people suddenly want to leave Afghanistan? We didn’t see an exodus like this before!”

The stupidity of those who set the national mood is endless. They can’t even remember their own narrative now, contradicting themselves day after day. Of course people want to leave a poor country where they have no prospects: no jobs, extreme poverty, unimaginable difficulty, the scars of decades of conflict.

And our bankrupt and spineless politicians? Well the focus groups said people want to see more Union Jacks, so they must tread carefully as they attempt futilely to unpick two decades of domestic propaganda.

Go easy on our poor overlords; forgive masters Raab and Wallace caught sleeping on the job again, for it has been a difficult year, what with sending gun ships to collect PPE from Asia and belatedly understanding the significance of the Dover-Calais crossing to UK trade.

Well, we only have ourselves to blame, willingly embracing the platter of lies served to us for breakfast every morning, then washing it down with a carafe of narcissistic pride and undiluted malice. We made this bed for ourselves.


You can oppose war and military occupation without being a supporter of the bogeymen of the enemy.

The occupying forces wiped out most of the old guard with BLU-82 Daisy Cutter bombs, air strikes and armed combat years ago, though their founding father reportedly died of tuberculosis.

In the two decades since their invasion, the occupying forces have made plenty of alliances with unsavoury people with unpalatable beliefs and behaviour.

Indeed, we have rolled out the red carpet for friendly tyrants throughout this period, welcoming them into the great houses of the state, to be showered in vulgar adulation, in pursuit of trade deals and long-term strategic objectives.

The hypocrisy of this perilous moment in time is obscene. Our jingoistic patriotism will not allow us to admit: we have been morally bankrupt for years.

The electric vehicle revolution

The transition of global technology from dependence on oil to a dependence on lithium means the world needs Afghanistan more than ever. China, Russia, Turkey and all of Europe need a share of the $1trillion mineral deposits buried beneath its soils. China will soon dominate the extraction of gold and copper there. Two decades of war only hindered efforts to exploit those massive mineral resources. It’s time to try something new.

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Extraordinary rendition

How dare the Belarus government hijack a Ryanair flight to kidnap opposition journalist Roman Protasevich. The West condemns this piracy in the strongest possible terms. This is an outrage! This is behaviour unacceptable in the civilised West. This is just not how Western countries behave.

Such is the amnesia which afflicts us. Nobody now recalls the thousands of men kidnapped by the CIA from the streets of Western cities, who were flown on to detention centres in Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan and Syria to face degrading and inhuman interrogation techniques at the hands of intelligence agents from multiple Western countries.

Nor does anyone remember that the United States forced the Bolivian President’s plane to land in Vienna in 2013, because they believed he was transiting asylum-seeking Edward Snowden to Russia. He wasn’t.

Thank goodness for the asphyxia which perpetually numbs our intellects, or else we might be forced to confront our own hypocrisy. Thank goodness for our comatose bewilderment which leaves us unable to comprehend anything that happens in the world.

Thank goodness we civilised folk are so much more enlightened than those dreadful, kidnapping pirates over there. Ah, to be Western and pure.

Shock and awe

The corrupt politician does not need shock and awe to take out the rocketeers. They have musta’ribin embedded everywhere, who, if they willed, could pick off their opponents one by one. Shock and awe is for a domestic audience, to blast to pieces any hope of the Yesh Atid party forming a national unity government to replace him.

Shock and awe is an appeal to the far-right across the nation to believe in Likud, to give it a mandate to return to power, undiluted by coalitions and compromise. Shock and awe is for victory in the battle within, for the hearts and minds of a bitterly divided electorate, disillusioned by the direction of their nation.

Shock and awe is an act of desperation, of man and his ego, raining destruction down on innocents to no other end than that he be returned to power by the cruel and merciless who believe only in the narcissistic megalomania of the self.

Shock and awe cares nothing for women and children, for livelihoods and dignity, for international law or divine right. Shock and awe is for men who have lost their souls and humanity, who do not believe they will be raised alive on an overwhelming day to account for their deeds: that day of eternal shock and awe.

Inner murmurs

What is the strategy of the rocket men?

To reveal before all the world the merciless barbarity of their opponents, as they render tens of thousands homeless, hundreds dead and thousands more injured, as they brutally rain down fire on residential homes and businesses in one of the most densely populated areas on earth?

Well, they have certainly achieved that, but at what cost? The obliteration of little children all dressed up for Eid? The cruel murder of bakers and barbers in cars blown to pieces? An impoverished people further vanquished?

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