Seeking the one

A tale of love and forgiveness

About this novel

This young adult novel was my winter project, penned over a three-month period, December 2021 to February 2022. This presentation should be considered an early draft, as yet unedited.

Chapters will be published here in instalments weekly, every Friday, inshallah.



I assert my creative rights — please respect my copyright and don’t download or otherwise redistribute the chapters except by linking back to this site.



This is a work of creative fiction. It is not an autobiography. With the exception of historical public figures, all characters in this novel are fictional. All events depicted in this novel are fictional, as are the thoughts and opinions expressed by the characters.



The table of contents will be updated with a hyperlink to each chapter as it is published. You can also view the chapter archive.

  1. Revelations
  2. The search
  3. Amongst the books
  4. The phone call
  5. Good Friday
  6. Guardian angel
  7. Impulsive
  8. The long road
  9. Meltdown
  10. Easter morning
  11. Into the hills
  12. A decision
  13. Reunion
  14. An old friend
  15. The pursuit of truth
  16. Kar seva
  17. A life saved
  18. Raat di roti
  19. Regret
  20. Hearts seek rest
  21. Sukh vele shukrana
  22. To be whole again
  23. Ramadan
  24. Iftar
  25. An invitation
  26. Eid al-Fitr
  27. Results day



Feedback and constructive criticism welcome.

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