Fake lawyers

I remember, shortly after I became Muslim, a group of activists who I think were associated with a group then called “Al Muhajirun” sent a mass email to various clergymen, telling them to embrace Islam or face the consequences.

Amongst the recipients was my father who at the time was a Canon in the Church of England, whose email address they had harvested from a church website. The email was signed, in petition fashion, by a vast array of Muslim organisations, as if to give it authority. Of course, it turned out that none of the those organisations in fact existed and had been completely made up.

Therefore it does not surprise me in the slightest that other Muslim activists make up lawyers and send out threatening letters in their name to silence people, pretending to have some legal clout. I can believe it absolutely. It’s a long time since I believed that Muslims, generally speaking, are a people of truth. The behaviour of too many activist Muslims is risible.

Organ donation

The following post is currently being circulated on social media:

A reminder to all, residents in the UK are now automatically on the organ donation register. If you don’t Opt Out your organs and tissue are now the property of the UK government after death. You can easily opt out for yourself and family members using the link below, it takes about 1 minute. [link] It is *NOT* permissible for us to donate our organs.

My immediate thought, on reading this, was: why is it not permissible for us to donate our organs after our death? Do we need them as we lie in our graves? Continue reading “Organ donation”

Online in our time

It’s a shame that the same technologies which enable us to transcend boundaries of nation and language are being used by so many to sow hatred and fear of the other.


Note to “learned brothers” — when a woman approaches you seeking knowledge, assume that she is seeking knowledge and not a relationship.

Note to “sisters seeking knowledge” — don’t approach a man if you can possibly avoid it. They don’t understand the difference between seeking knowledge and seeking a relationship.


Who does Islamic law apply to? Yes, to Muslims. So why do so many Muslims have such a hard time believing that Muslims could be capable of crimes which Islam proscribes? If every crime can merely be ascribed to a wicked conspiracy of the eternal other, why did our Lord institute punishments for those crimes, and not confirm our status as a chosen people who can do no wrong?


My question to the purveyors of all-encompassing conspiracies: would your Lord really give you such an easy way to abrogate all personal responsibility?

Isn’t it interesting that those who speak of conspiracies the most are themselves engaged in awful conspiracies of their own?


So here is a scholar whose teachings I agree with and incline towards, but from whom I have turned away due to his conceited, combative approach to engaging with his opponents. If he has this effect on his supporters, I shudder to think of his effect on his foes.