This blog comprises copious footnotes on all manner of assorted wonderment… the random ramblings of a wayward traveller striving to make sense of the world.

I may be an extrovert stuck in the body of an introvert, or a conceited fool endeavouring to tame my soul; both explanations seem factual. My greatest insight: I know nothing. I am a common buffoon and a perpetual day-dreamer — the one art I have truly mastered.

A cynic and sceptical Muslim, seeking truth and the mercy of my Lord; a mere disciple of the way. I do not proclaim knowledge. Do not take me as your guide. All guidance comes from God, Lord of the universe and all the worlds.


For many years I have written under my real identity, inspired by the field of isnad, which insists that we know who said what as much as what was said.

However, in an age of growing threats, attacks and unpleasantries — both real and imagined — on my family’s request, I have agreed to obscure my blogging identity. Hence: folio.

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