This blog comprises copious footnotes on all manner of assorted wonderment… both random and obscure.


About me

I honestly believe I am an extrovert stuck in the body of an introvert. For sure I’m a conceited fool.

I identify as a northerner, a Yorkshireman, and an eccentric. I’m an internationalist in outlook. My family, both immediate and extended, is multicultural, which I celebrate. Faith is important to me, and always has been, even when I was a searching agnostic.


About the blog

This blog provides an eclectic reading experience for its dwindling audience.

It often centres on my exploration of self (very self-centred, I know, but it is my blog). Occasionally it delves into the realm of politics. Now and then it elucidates my naive and idealistic visions of faith. Quite frequently I write about my writing hobby (very circular).

If such diverse peculiarity appeals to you, then welcome.


Following links


Health warning

Be aware that I don’t like extremism of any kind. If you have an intense hatred of lefty liberal snowflakes, my blog probably isn’t for you. But members of the international moaning and groaning fraternity are always welcome.


Get in touch

Feel free to get in touch, if you really want to. I’m generally a friendly, amiable chap. I’ll get back to you as soon I can. Use the form below or email hello at tjbowes.co.uk

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