This blog comprises copious footnotes on all manner of assorted wonderment… the random babbling of a wayward traveller striving to make sense of the world.

I may be an extrovert stuck in the body of an introvert, or a conceited fool endeavouring to tame my soul; both explanations seem true. My greatest insight: I know nothing. I am a common buffoon and a perpetual day-dreamer — the one art I have truly mastered.


I used to write under my real identity, having fully imbibed the concept of isnad, where it is as important to know who said what, as it is to understand what was said.

However, I am not a scholar. I am not a leader of men, with disciples far and wide. My blog is read by 7 people on average each week, my pontifications barely touched. In truth I am merely an opinionated fool, wittering away mostly to myself. Indeed, most of what I write is addressed to myself (and I know who I am).

A few people know my real identity. Most do not care. And most who do know me in real life care even less about my opinions. I am either the silent one at gatherings, or the court jester.

I am not on social media. I won’t be found amongst the great and the good. Those who prance around in front of the masses would not give a second thought to me. I am a nobody in real life, so it is the same here.

A pen name?

I write and publish fiction under a pen name, because:

1. The ego is pretentious and loves to say, “Look at me!”

2. I am not that good a writer, and I don’t really want those who know me in real life to say, “Oh, you’re the author of that crap novel.” (See 1)

3. I am a complete amateur and writing is merely my hobby.

4. Trolls, haters, critics and activists. (See 1 and 2 above).

Any questions?

First see my FAQ. Otherwise feel free to drop me a line via the form below. I’m generally an amiable and helpful chap.

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