Apple, you truly deserve that epithet. You’re the new Microsoft, deploying buggy software you haven’t bothered to test on anything but your latest hardware.

How can it be that your latest OS “update” crashes constantly because WindowServer can’t cope with me having two external monitors plugged into my laptop, something I have been able to do without issue with all previous releases going back years?

The solution to this issue? Disconnect one of the displays, you say! Perfect, so professional! Even my Samsung Galaxy S8 can run these displays without falling over. But a quad-core Intel i7 MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM? No, apparently powering two displays is too much for its poor little CPU.

I get it: you want us to upgrade to the latest and greatest hardware running Apple silicon. Well that aint going to happen. I inherited this laptop from a previous manager when he left the organisation five years ago. The new guard will kit me out with the standard Dell laptop when its time is up.

All you needed to do was support the software you provide on the allegedly still-supported machines you yourselves manufacture. Not such a big ask. But nope: let’s crash out every few hours, right in the middle of an important piece of work. How dare your power users power two 24″ displays off a laptop!

Oh, and by the way, you’ve killed my webcam too. Utter crapple indeed.

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