On those rare occasions I am required to go to the office, the commute reminds me to be grateful for what I have. A visit to the office and back is a seventy-mile round trip.

On a good day, the journey to work takes just over an hour, the heaviest traffic avoided by taking the scenic route. But this morning, the journey there took me two hours, progress stifled by temporary traffic lights for non-existent roadworks.

In our team meeting, I had to confess that while I do often ask myself why I lack the ambition to pursue more prestigious roles, this morning, while stuck in that crawling traffic, I did think to myself, “No, actually, I’m fine.”

I can’t really complain about my normal thirty-second commute to work, taking my place in an office with these views, enjoying the peace for concentration, spread out at a spacious workstation. “Be content, O soul!” I remind myself.

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