I am an economic migrant. I migrated from the north of England for work. I first came down south for study.

I started looking for work after postgraduate studies in Scotland. The furthest north I secured an interview was Lutterworth, followed by Cambridge. My hometown did not feature in any vacancy.

Eventually I had to settle for a temporary job on the Great Western mainline, taking up lodging in London to commute westward every day.

I might have settled anywhere. I remained because I met my wife while down here. We were both now constrained by our employment.

But then we had to migrate out of London in search of affordable housing. Economic migrants again. One day, we might migrate further afield in search of other comforts.

I hope we never have to migrate in crisis, due to civil unrest, or a catastrophe beyond our control. I hope we never have to flee for our lives or livelihoods.

God bless the migrants and keep them safe.

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