Information overload

I really feel sorry for the seeker seeking in this age of fast info: the equivalent of junk food for the soul.

Online teem the youthful content creators, filling the airwaves with information, as yet untested by maturity or experience, or that deep insight which comes with increased learning.

Note how few of them are older folk, made wiser by their stay on earth, unwilling to embrace the absolutes and half-truths of the restless rabble online calling to every faith or anti-faith with such zeal.

This is the age of information overload. I don’t know that the human brain can cope with this level of saturation. Certainly, it is not learning as we understood it up to now, imbibed slowly over many years.

Slow down. In earlier times, I too was found digesting everything I could lay my hands on, whether produced by friend or foe. But those were simpler times.

Today I have become highly selective of who or what I listen to. I have disengaged with religious social media almost entirely. On YouTube, I follow only one religious channel, in pursuit of a sermon to inspire me weekly.

Beyond that, at this juncture in my life, YouTube exists for bricklaying videos, some American bloke mowing yards, woodworking projects, an Indonesuan family building mini trucks, a Vietnamese man creating wooden sportscars for his kids.

Kris Harbour and Dave 2D have my attention, internet proseletiysers do not. In our Book we have the notion: “Follow those who ask no fee.” Thus is it difficult to pay attention to those gamefying supposed knowledge with clickbait collaborations.

Take it slowly, O seeker. Seek the truth alone. You may discover some truth online, but more likely you will need to engage your intellect more, to reflect deeply on the creation of the heavens and the earth, to witness signs on the horizons and within yourselves.

Listen to your heart. Be guided by your pursuit of goodness and light. May the One guide the seeker, enabling them to look beyond junk info, to take hold of what is altogether more satisfying and nourishing for their soul. And God guides whom He wills.

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