And I love her

I discovered Passenger (Michael Rosenberg) in 2017, in the midst of our attempted migration to Turkey. My wife and children were settled over there, enrolled in school and enjoying life to the full, but I was having to come and go due to work. Although we had Skype then, most of my colleagues were not yet ready to embrace it, as they proved themselves more than capable of over the past two years.

The song below I discovered one melancholy Saturday afternoon, while painting the woodwork upstairs. It immediately spoke to me, capturing exactly how I was feeling at that very moment. Hearing it, I stopped everything and sent it to my love via WhatsApp.

However that just made her feel even more forlorn, wondering what we were doing living like that. It’s not easy living such a lifestyle, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Families should be together. In the end, that’s what we decided upon, bringing that adventure to its end for the sake of ourselves.

Another of his songs is perhaps relevant here. In truth, many of his songs deal with these matters of the heart. He’s quite a spiritual chap, though he may not recognise that himself. He would probably just describe himself as blue, like me.

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