Good deeds

I suspect whatever your specialism, you will forever be on call to family and friends for “emergencies”. Plumbers, sparkies, gardeners, the man-with-van: attend social gatherings at your peril, lest you be pounced on to fix whatever is broken today.

It’s no different for those who make a living from that generic category known as “computers”. No invitation to dinner will be complete without an assignment to fix a laptop, recover data from an external drive, clean a virus-infected PC or fix a malfunctioning printer.

So to the latest: an elderly fellow emails in a panic, subject: “Help Please!” He’s locked out of his website and is sure he’s been hacked. He insists on paying, but I never accept payment for favours; a chocolate bar, maybe. I view these tasks as an opportunity to work on my patience and tolerance, required in oodles.

While I’m pretty hopeless at DIY or car maintenance, tinkering with tech is fortunately my forte. Glad I have one talent, enabling me to accumulate a few good deeds. For sure, I can use all I can get. Thus never do I decline such requests. I view them as a gift: an opportunity to expiate my sins perhaps, or rebalance my scales.

Let’s see where this adventure carries me…

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