Do what’s right

It’s time to reclaim the term honour from the dishonourable, who deploy it merely to deprive others of their rights, or to diminish them, or make them disappear.

The honourable are not those found threatening to smash others to pieces: a stranger, a spouse, a sibling, a cousin, an in-law.

They are those who treat their companions with kindness, cherishing them and holding them tight. The honourable is there for their spouse in their time of greatest need, a humble servant to their family.

Rarely have I seen any honour in those who speak so much about it. The truly honourable are merciful, nurturing and benevolent.

The true meaning of honour is to do what is morally right, or to regard a person with high respect. Perhaps the dishonourable can reflect on this.

Do what’s right for a change. Then perhaps you will be rightly held in great esteem.

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