Get your priorities right. Prioritise what your Book prioritises, not what your local imam or community activist thinks important.

I know mufti thinks it’s awfully very important that people be told that winding down listening to music in their spare time is a truly dreadful thing. But all it reveals is that we can’t see the wood for the trees.

What does your Book prioritise? The perseveration of life. To stand firm in justice. To measure fairly in trade. To look after orphans. To free slaves. To feed the poor. To live with others in kindness. To be merciful and humble. To stand up for those who are oppressed. To resist tyranny. To shun sectarianism.

We live in communities scourged by addictions, domestic violence, abuse, fraud, dishonesty, cheating and neglect, while internationally we witness destruction, wanton violence and political ineptitude. But what do our preachers prioritise?

Do they speak of anything our Book prioritises? Do they call us to anything higher? Do they move beyond populist causes? Are we instructed to bring about positive change in our lives? Not at all, but that’s the central intent of the path we walk.

Islam is an active path towards being healthy and safe. It starts from the outside and goes inward. If you’re not moving towards a state of safety and health, it’s not Islam but something else entirely. What are your priorities?

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