New week

It’s one of those days when I’m just not going to be able to be myself. Myself meaning shunning crowds, keeping myself to myself.

Monday morning, 8.00am: “Really sorry, but can you deliver a presentation to the organisation this morning?”

Naturally, my first reaction is to run a mile. But my second reaction is to be the supportive team mate. And this time my benevolence wins out over my social anxiety.

10.00am, I’m presenting in front of seventy colleagues, voice quavering, familiarising myself with the presentation there and then. It’s a tough crowd, but I survive.

Next up, a director needs a favour too. Can I give some friends of his some technical advice? It’s a rhetorical question. “Thanks, Tim, you’re a star,” he says, before I can get out of it.

Not exactly the start to the week I had in mind, rising with a body full of aches from a weekend’s decorating. But maybe it will help me challenge myself to rise from my rut. Maybe it’s the kick I need.

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