I encounter spiritual folk, seeking. You can see their passion and sincerity in their search for truth and light. But they would overlook our path, because all that they have seen of it repulses them.

I don’t blame them. Much that is perpetrated by those professing our faith repulses me too. In our practice of our faith, many of us have no moral high ground whatsoever. I don’t suppose any community does.

But that’s because Muslims are just people like anyone else. Some people are good, some are bad, most are somewhere in between. Unfortunately, some who are very bad indeed — if not outright evil — are presented as the most rigorous of believers.

That is certainly how they present themselves, but as the saying goes, “By their fruits shall you know them.” If you see no mercy in those claiming to walk the path of mercy, you would know that they’re not walking that path.

But this doesn’t help the sincere seeker seeking, for they have already discounted this path based on all they have seen. They’re more likely to embrace some populist self-help guide than delve into the wisdom of the ancients. Perhaps only a chance encounter with one who embodies the message has any hope of reaching them now.

It is sad that we have obscured the light of faith so badly. Sad that we ourselves have become an obstacle to people believing. It’s a tragedy, actually, that we have made the path so repulsive. May the Lord of Mercy send the seekers a light which touches their heart and guides them to the better way most of us are yet to grasp.

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