For me, my namesake is a gem of our community. We are unalike in nearly every way: he is a brilliant intellectual, articulate in speech, spiritual, courageous and of profound learning. Those who know me will confirm that in speech, I struggle to string together a coherent sentence, my mind given to blackouts mid-thought. In religion, too, I am more wayward spirit than wise sage.

The little we share in common is, I suppose, quite superficial. We are both a Timothy John. We are both from families of Anglican clergy, and both embraced the faith in our youth — nineteen years apart — after a period seeking the unitary Oneness of God. Perhaps we were both thoughtful, in that sense, even if I lack his penetrating insight. Certainly, we are on different plains.

Even so, I consider him a kindred spirit, often articulating what occurs to the heart. A fascinating individual, whom we’re blessed to have amongst us. May God bless him and keep him safe.

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