What are my intentions?

One day I may commit to inner reform, closing the door on the latest whim that takes my fancy. No, not today, I will tell myself, as I reluctantly roll back on my latest design.

But the very next day, my mind will be plotting once more. The same adventure, just subtly different — supposedly purified of what a day ago had made it so suspect. For a few hours I may even be convinced of this, insistent that it is now of some benefit, and innately good. Good enough to devote time and effort to.

But here a feeble voice within finds the courage to make itself heard: “What are your intentions?” Listening to it, I must concede that my intentions are unsound. Thus must I pause, and make new resolutions.

You have to be constantly vigilant in this mission to tame your soul and purify your heart, hopeful of the unceasing mercy of our Lord. Conscience forces us to interrogate ourselves as to our intentions and aims.

Having interrogated myself anew this morning, I know I must resolve to remove every temptation, no matter how much it pains me. May the One replace whatever I obliterate in my pursuit of His mercy with something better than it. May God have mercy on my soul.

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