No regrets

I have resided in such a different world from that of all I passed along the way, but I have no regrets. This life of mine I would not trade. The peace within: I cherish it.

What once I sought was never destined for me. I could never have taken my place in that world. I tried and failed. It wasn’t decreed. What was decreed, I embrace.

I didn’t laugh much. I wasn’t found in the party or club, amongst great crowds. It’s true, I was the geek and nerd, unloved, written off by all who encountered me. But I don’t mind. I’m glad. It paved the way to a different world.

I don’t feel sad. I’m not envious. I’m not jealous or enraged. What was meant for me was meant for me. What was meant for others was made pleasing to their soul. I wish them well, sincerely. To each their way. To them theirs, to me mine.

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