This struggle

Often, many of us have a primitive mindset, mixing honouring people with telling the truth. By and large, we prefer honour to truth. In reality, though, criticism is a positive force. The approach that something is true because it is old or is found in our books is very problematic. It could be true, but it might not be. Everything has to be investigated on its own merits.

In the path we walk, we must struggle to show and tell the truth. We must speak the truth even if it outwardly appears to be against us. Admittedly, that is often hard to do for many proofs weigh against popular culture. Our Book does not say you must have a good opinion of all figureheads of community. Rather, it says be just and truthful even against yourself. If something is wrong, you say it is wrong, for God orders you to be just.

Nevertheless, God does not compel a soul beyond what it is able to do. You will not be judged for what you do not know. You will be judged according to your level or station alone, not that of another. When things are not properly understood, it creates a lot of unrest, for people are not at peace with themselves. Thus you must struggle to find your way.

As my teacher always says, the truth is not just a petal to be plucked from a rose in your garden. Rather, you must strive your utmost in your pursuit of it. Struggle. Strive. Seek.

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