Paths cross, always by design. Nothing is left to chance. The signs are all there for all to see. In my life, so many examples, making clear to me that this is the truth from a Merciful Lord.

Over fifteen years ago, I performed hajj amongst two million pilgrims, and sat down in a tent beside two strangers. One of them I discovered lived literally around the corner from the home of my youth, the other in the village of my early childhood. All the more strikingly, both of them knew my mother. Also in that tent, I discovered one of my closest friends from university, whose father had taken me under his wing to put flesh on my bones.

To some, what I describe may sound like a man suffering from delusional psychosis, seeing what isn’t there. Only, the other characters in this strange rendition of reality would confirm that I imagined none of this at all. Which is why I can’t believe we reside in a material-only universe. There is too much strangeness in life for that to be true. Too many patterns and connections to understand this reality any other way.

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