The return

Everything feels… weird. The house so… small… and quiet. But my workstation… so… biiiggg! My dual-monitor setup… two 24″ monitors side-by-side feels like overkill after a month nodding between laptop display and an ancient 19″ VGA screen.

Of course, in a day or two, I’ll get used to it again and it’ll be as if nothing ever changed. And our house… already my beloved is telling me she’s so glad to be back in her humble home… at peace… calm… her heart at rest.

The light is different… the atmosphere too. I’ve spent the last two hours before work tidying, cleaning and dusting, and brushing away the cobwebs. Soon I’ll feel at home again too. The place just needs a lick of paint and then it’ll be as right as rain. Speaking of rain… we’ve missed that too.

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