Angry man

My anger… this rising temper… I don’t think it has much to do with external stimuli… something which did or did not happen.

The main cause… and this was known to be a risk… was restarting treatment after neglecting it for such a long time. So if my family notice a sudden change in my character and mood… this is probably a good indicator of what’s happening.

The alternative is the calm man they’re used to… largely calm due to lethargy and fatigue. I actually prefer that state, but it has drawbacks… those intense blues… and the weakening bones.

So that’s your choice… angry man with energy and positivity… or calm man who feels like shit. On the other hand, maybe you could help… calm down yourselves… stop constantly winding everyone up.

I’m stuck with this condition. Yours? You just have to grow out of it. Quickly, if you can. Or just get used to the daily fireworks.

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