Repair shop

The joy… my free time this holiday, in between entertaining guests, has been taken up repairing and cleaning furniture from our old tiny house next door. All this effort based on the adage, “If you want a job doing properly, do it yourself.”

This of course follows us commissioning professionals to do the job, who on arrival clarified that they would only clean the upholstery. So, it’s down to me to do the proper job after all, taking everything apart… every bolt, staple, spring.

The base boxes all needed a thorough clean. Armrests opened up, inspected inside to ensure we don’t import any creepy crawlies into the new house.

Not sure how many bottles of cleaning materials I got through. More or less everything we have to hand.

Exhausting work in this heat. Wondering if it will ever end. I suppose it will be worth if it in the end.

Reconstructing not much easier. Forgive me for all the shouting and swearing.

Getting there, slowly, slowly. One down, three to go.

Two down, two to go…

Will this job never end? Probably not. Still, it’ll get me into the good book for a little while. The things we must do for love.

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