From chaos

Just before I began work at 9.30 this morning — 7.30am UK time — guests arrived unexpectedly. Guests upon guests, for the house was already abuzz. They came for brunch, apparently, causing everyone inside to scramble around in a mad rush to get dressed and tidy up makeshift beds in the living room.

A noisy Turkish breakfast followed. I escaped upstairs to my office with coffee in hand shortly after welcoming them. My breakfast arrived an hour later, delivered by our daughter, to be munched in front of my computer screens. For most of the morning, it has sounded like there’s a party down there. I only ventured downstairs once, to fill up my mug with more coffee, finding a great debate about family history in full swing.

But I’m not going to moan about these unannounced guests, for as I work away at my computer I can now hear great commotion downstairs. Someone has taken the vacuum cleaner for a drive, and it sounds like the house has been given a deep clean. But that’s not all. Wandering down to refill my third mug with the brown stuff, I discovered that my sister-in-law has completely reorganised our kitchen, to bring order to my chaos.

Who knows what further order they will impose before my working day is done? No, I won’t complain about our visitors, however spontaneously they descend. Everything is now temiz, just the way we like it. Everything spick and span ahead of my parents’ long-planned arrival at the weekend, if the Most Merciful wills. How true that saying that guests are a blessing from God.

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