Another Friday

So another week passes by just like that. I decided to walk down to the mosque in town for jummah prayer today, and all I can say is this: it killed me.

Just a few years ago I could walk down with ease, and return again little concerned. Of course, being as steep as it is, the journey down would take twenty minutes while the journey back up again double the time. Today, it took me half an hour down, and I had to take a taxi back.

View of our house (circled) from the nearest town.

Still, the prayer was all good. In this land of many hues, nobody know I’m a foreigner — or an oddball — when I enter those doors. It’s a good place to be. I feel at home amongst these people.

And afterwards… I can’t exactly complain about returning to work from this office, with that view. I will miss it when we have to return home at the end of the month. We must hold fast to our dreams of a more settled future, if the Most Merciful wills.

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