Gönül Dağı

The kids love watching a Turkish comedy-drama called Gönül Dağı. Actually, they’ve already watched the entire series on YouTube back home, but as we’re here, they’re quite content to watch repeats on television.

It’s basically about three cousins, unlucky in love. One of them is in love with the daughter of the richest businessman in town, who refuses to let her marry the young man on the basis that he is too poor and of a lower class.

I can’t help empathising with the protagonists whenever the drama is showing. It’s hard to get married, I always say, taking in his sad face. “It’s only hard because families make it hard,” my wife chips in, which is very true.

I’m so grateful I didn’t have such hassle from her family. But then I recall that I had plenty of stress from my own. I suppose it’s natural for parents to worry about their children. Yet, watching the character’s tears on the TV screen, I can’t help remembering my own. That was a real test, for sure.

I hope we won’t make marriage difficult for our own children, but I suppose only time will tell. No doubt we too will be protective of them, and thus will the cycle complete, as each generation faces the same trials as the last. I hope there will be a happy ending.

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