That conversation

Family friend: “Hanım Hemşince. Kocası İngiliz.”

Stranger: “Gerçekten mi?”

“Tabii. O müslüman.”

“Gerçekten? Evlilik yoluyla?”

This is where my wife always interjects, raising her voice.

“Hayır! Onunla tanıştığımda zaten Müslümandı. Üniversitede oldu.”

“Onunla nasıl tanıştınız?”

“Ortak arkadaşlar vasıtasıyla tanıştık. Üç yıl sonra!”

I nearly know this conversation off by heart by now, it recurs so frequently.

I really ought to become an active participant, but I enjoy listening to my beloved’s defence of our faith.

Sometimes it messes with people’s heads. Sometimes it plants a smile on their face. Everyone has their own way of responding.

Here, the quiet man in their midst, challenging assumptions and deeply held convictions without even opening his mouth.

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