By tradition, we always celebrate our wedding anniversary. It’s our one day off-duty, when a friend or relative will take our children for twenty-four hours. Occasionally, we’ve even had two days away, with my parents entertaining them in our absence. It’s the highlight of the year.

Ah, but alas, despite our prime location, this year will pass us by, for my mother-in-law is unwell and needs twenty-four hour care.

Our eldest, who heard my beloved trying to make arrangements, just blasts us, “What’s the big deal? You celebrate every year. Get over it!”

“You’ll understand one day,” I tell her, but she’s having none of it.

It’s difficult for children to comprehend that their parents occasionally need respite… to get away from it all and enjoy some semblance of what life was like before. Though we love them, raising children puts a strain on every relationship.

One day off to rekindle the fire: it makes a difference. Still, I suppose we’re lucky in having three anniversaries to choose from. If we cannot mark our August marriage, we could celebrate our September walima instead.

Or we will just have to grow up, as our daughter demands, and celebrate in more muted fashion. Less romance, more birthday party. So let the kids eat cake. Perhaps we will sneak five minutes of personal space while they’re stuffing their faces.

2 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Hope you had the kind of anniversary you were hoping for or something bearing close resemblance to it. Having cake to eat is nothing to scoff at. This year we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and heading to your corner of the world. Flying to Manchester and planning to spend 2 weeks driving through Western Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Ludlow and Peak District. We are escaping the Texas heat and feel anxious when we read of high temperatures and drought conditions in good ole Blighty. Hoping for the best and making doaa that we catch a good break (Aameen)

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