Common sense costs extra

One thing I will never understand: the logic of workmen, incapable either of performing jobs in the specified order or protecting previously completed work from harm.

We said to them, “Please paint the walls before putting down the floor.” They said, “It doesn’t work that way.” Result: wooden floors covered in paint splatters and smears where a splodge was carelessly and half-heartedly mopped up.

It goes on like this. Tiled floors pitted with splatters of cement. Windows and their frames pocked with paint. Balcony rails scratched and stained, glass smeared with silicone, fastenings screwed to the wall upside down.

No matter: it’s the same all over. We encountered the same logic back home. There’s too little common sense. It seems you have to pay a premium for that, but even then it’s pot luck. We’re at the mercy of people who claim to know best, even if it defies all logic.

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