Echo chamber

Let’s face it: without the internet, most of the people of influence in the communal echo chamber would be mere nobodies. Their main talent is in amassing like-minded followers capable of amplifying whatever preoccupies them at any given moment.

To the outside world, though, all of this intellectualising isn’t even a sideshow. It’s simply irrelevant. Nobody out there cares what’s happening in that echo chamber. Most people are just living mundane lives, navigating complicated relationships with those around them.

Exit the echo chamber for a little while, and you too will realise how unreal it really is. Your friends will talk about matters which mean nothing to you whatsoever. But look: life goes on. Your not knowing about an online controversy has no impact on you whatsoever.

You’re still dealing with a sick relative, family conflict, your kids’ education, mounting bills, your own personal issues. This is your world. Who cares what’s going down on Facebook or Twitter? Nobody cares outside that echo chamber.

The rest of us reconciled ourselves to our status as mere nobodies years ago. Exit the echo chamber and join us. Nobody will miss you, that’s for sure.

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