Essential essentials

Much of Friday afternoon was spent organising that modern easential, internet access. It became much more complicated than in needed to be; perhaps that’s because we’re foreigners, or maybe it’s just how it is. Eventually we left with a data contract, of the kind we have always had, suitable for remote working and staying in touch.

But on our return home we were reminded of the real essential essentials. We have built a house fed by a natural spring, providing for all our water needs. Unfortunately, when I went to do the washing up after dinner, I found the tap but a dribble. Exhaustion was partly to blame for me not being able to work out which was hot and which was cold.

Thankfully, by morning, the water supply was back to normal, but we have nevertheless been reminded to consume these precious essentials mindfully and not squander our supply. Water, the source of life.

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