Tie that knot

What stops the man from being honourable? Is it so hard for him to marry the one he claims to love and make it all tayyib? What prevents him from making two halves whole?

A sound marriage need not cost the earth. Our marriage two decades ago cost us about two thousand pounds, for the civil ceremony, the religious nikah and an intimate walima. Our Istanbul wedding was more complicated, for that was a great family affair, over which we had little control.

So there you are: that’s how you can do it. Marry her, honour her, show her that you care. And then, when you feel the time is right, have the great big fat wedding you think she deserves. Invite the world and his dog if you must. Fill the wedding hall with glitter and gold, and a hundred outfit changes, arriving in a luxury sports car. Do whatever you must to save face.

But before that, make it all good. Cherish the woman at your side. Show her that you truly care; that you’re the one, who will stand at her side, through thick and thin. Be a man of honour, and tie that knot.

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