Yes, I unpublished a load of stuff. I do that quite often. But fear not, I’ve put it all back now, apart from whatever my beloved insisted I remove. So it’s all good… until next time.

Why do I do that? Sometimes because I had blues at the time of writing, then regret what I wrote when it passes. Sometimes because I have blues after writing and feel like obliterating everything. Sometimes because others beg me to withdraw.

Sometimes I change my mind and republish later on. It goes on like this. Sometimes you’ll find what you’re looking for, sometimes you won’t. Sometimes it will return. Sometimes it’ll just go in the bin.

But for now… yes, I’ve put it all back, apart from every whisper my beloved insisted I remove. For anything else you can’t find that you believe I really should not remove, send me a request in the comments. I know my habit of publishing and withdrawing is very annoying for the reader. For that, I can only apologise.

Old habits die hard. I’m a man of perpetual regrets. I’m not confident in my own words. In fact, I fear them. Forgive me.

Postscript: Um, when I say “put it all back” I mean recent stuff. There are still 645 posts once returned to draft still to be reconsidered, one day.

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