Who would I listen to? I think Cambridge Central Mosque is a good place to start. They have a well-maintained YouTube channel. I like many of their folk. There’s my namesake, of course, Tim Winter aka Abdul Hakim Murad. I also like Jubril Alao and Sulayman Van Ael there. I have nothing against the others; I just haven’t explored their contributions much.

There is also Cambridge Muslim College, which also has a YouTube channel, but takes more effort to find non-marketting content. Flip through to their playlists and listen to their Sow a Seed meditations and Afternoon Anchors. I enjoy Rabia Mali and Abdallah Rothman’s talks.

Other than these two online resources, I wouldn’t really know who else to suggest. I steer clear of most internet proselytisers. I have no interest is the controversies some enjoy stoking all over. I suppose it all comes down to taste. I’m rather a mellow chap, so gravitate towards those who are calm and restrained.

As for the real world, I couldn’t really advise. I attend a small study circle with a trusted friend and teacher. I don’t find much to hold fast to in my locality; that’s no sleight on them, it’s just they largely serve the dominant ethnic constituent. My old community in London used to be lovely, but that was twenty years ago. I don’t know it anymore.

Really, you just have to seek out gems wherever you can. They are there to be found. The sincere heart will find them in time. As we always say, “Seek and you will find.” Seek of the One, and the One will guide you to whatever is good for you and your state. What you need won’t be the same as what I do. Each of us gets a unique prescription for whatever ailment afflicts us.

Wishing you well on your journey, wherever it takes you. Safe travels.

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