“You just need to recall what your own aspirations were, then your despondency will depart. Think about it: did you aspire to status?”

Me: Not really.

“So relax. Did you aspire to a great career?”

I guess not.

“So relax. Did you aspire to great wealth?”


“So relax. What did you aspire to?”

I had strange dreams.


Like building a house on spring-fed lands and having a little homestead.

“A nice dream. My dream too. And did you achieve that?”


“Yes or no?”

I guess so…

“You guess? Haven’t you just completed a house for us, amidst fields of tea and hazelnuts?”

We did it together.

“Yes, but you achieved what you aspired to. It’s just you forgot what your aspirations were because you keep comparing yourself to others.”

You may be right.

“I’m definitely right. And you achieved all this during a global pandemic. Will you not then be grateful? You’re blessed.”

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