Did good

Despite humble beginnings, raised amidst socio-economic deprivation, everyone did good. Indeed, they’ve done so well that they’ve left me far behind, rising through the ranks of career development and social status.

What stopped me doing the same? It’s not that I was a school drop-out; I obtained a Masters degree two decades ago. It’s not that I’m stupid, regardless of what I was told until I was sixteen. No, I was just hampered by bad decisions and a lack of confidence.

Or perhaps I am just ungrateful for what I have, forgetful of my own achievements. Perhaps I just forget that I’ve chosen to live my life differently. Our priorities were different. Life threw different tests in our direction. I took a lot of missteps along the way.

Sometimes you have to turn things on their head, and look at them differently. One old friend stands at the pinnacle of their career, but never married. Another friend owns multiple properties and earns more in a month than I do in a year, but his family hardly ever sees him as he works abroad months at a time.

Everything in moderation. Find your station; your comfortable median. Be content with what you have. Find your groove. I address myself first and foremost. Maybe I did good too. I just did ìt differently.

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