Manic splurge

What a strange three months it has been. So much has spewed out of me from somewhere deep within, as if beyond my control. And now, suddenly, a feeling of inner calm and peace, where I no longer feel inclined to revisit all of these thoughts.

What happened? Where did this all come from? Or is this lull just a momentary interval in the performance, brought about only by a day of relaxation, walking in the countryside with a friend? Or has the high of that long-delayed injection simply worn off, returning me to my old normal.

It feels as if something within has changed, but only time will tell if it is permanent, or just a fleeting change of mood. Perhaps I have just reached the end of that road, by taking everything out of my heart. It is like a cork was removed from the bottle, releasing decades worth of pressure. Could it be here that I now return to the present?

What a strange spectacle to have been witnessed. My soul laid bare by a manic splurge. Let’s hope nobody was watching.

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