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Lounging around in the garden, my wife and I have had a day reminiscing, reflecting on all the strange coincidences that brought us together. Actually, there are no coincidences. We’re taught repeatedly that God is in control and has knowledge of all things. The coincidences — too many to enumerate — were merely things being put in the right order to facilitate our union.

Of course, this is hindsight, reflecting how easily we could have missed one another. What if the flat I had lined up in Maidenhead all those years ago had not fallen through? What if I had left Hanwell then? So many variables that could have changed everything. And before that: what if I had not returned to the south for work? What if I had turned down the offer of lunch in Southall?

Or even long before that: what if I’d gone off to study Graphic Design in Salford as I had my heart set on instead of ending up in Central London? Then so much would have been completely different. Would I even have been cognizant of this path?

No, but the One is in control. I was always destined to meet that woman from a world away. We were always destined to raise these children, and buy this house, and laze about in this garden, lying on our backs on a bench, tapping these words into a smartphone.

None of this was ever a coincidence.

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