How much easier it would be taking up this path at this juncture of life, than in our youth when we still believed we needed the approval or support of our families.

A change of diet? Easy: I’ve become vegetarian. Drink? Easy: I’ve cut down for health reasons. You must come to church! Sorry, not my cup of tea. What do you believe these days? None of your business. A relationship? The same.

Mostly you’d just have to make the tiniest tweaks to your life and those around you would be none the wiser. So yes, I’m a little envious of those who jump aboard the caravan late in their lives.

On the other hand, I’ve had a quarter of a century to get used to all the nonsense. For that part, the late arrivers are going to have to take the exact same attitude, faced by the demands of community: “Leave me alone! It’s none of your business.”

The latecomer has already had a lifetime to mellow and mature, to decide that they no longer care what others think. They can skip all the angst the youthful wanderer went through. The grown up can embrace all that sits comfortably with their heart, content.

I pray the one called back to the One will find the courage to respond in kind. Be brave. Answer the call. Jump aboard.

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