More than

By now, you have lived the larger part of your life an adult than as a kid. You have lived the larger part down south than up north. The larger part walking this path than not.

By now, the balance has shifted away from those formative years that once defined you. Isn’t it time to recognise that you’re more than the sum of those parts?

Why let Hull or Hymers define you? Why let a decade of discomfort inform your sense of self? Why let 1991 define you, and not 2001 or 2022?

Twenty-six years a soft southerner. Twenty-four years Muslim. Twenty-one years married. Eighteen years diagnosed. Fourteen years a dad. A decade slightly podgy.

Define yourself by who you are today, considering progress made. You’re no longer a boy, but a man. You’re much more than that image you project onto yourself.

Isn’t it time to embrace more than?

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