Too much baklava

Twenty years ago, in our forested Karadeniz valley, I could easily say, “Baklavayı severim” (I love Baklava). Or, as I accidentally said to my sister-in-law, “Baklava. Seni seviyorum” (Baklava? I love you!).

Nowadays? No, I’m too old for so much sugar on one day, following thirty days of restraint. We’re not young anymore. Thought I was doing well persuading my beloved to make Laz Böreği alone. A slice of that with Türk kahvesi would have been sufficient for me.

Only, two families of Turkish friends then descended, bringing with them plates of the sweetest Baklava, which I was compelled to consume out of politeness. Yum, but er, now comes the double whammy of head and stomach ache.

Still, could be worse, I suppose. At least there’s no gulab jamun anywhere in sight. Small mercies.

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