How will we respond?

When people treat us really badly, it is always tempting to think when our fortunes change, “Now I will exact revenge!”

But remember, that is not our way. We’re told quite the opposite in fact: when the ignorant address you in mockery, reply, “Peace!”

Our way is not arrogance, but humility. We are called not to say, “Look at me, this is what I achieved despite what you did!”

Rather, we are called to be gracious, overlooking the faults of others, understanding that they too carry baggage of their own.

I admit this is hard to do. Traumas can be difficult to overcome, but it is the ideal we should strive towards all the same.

Even if it is a struggle, strive to be of those who walk on the earth with humility, thinking themselves no better than any other.

These are our daily tests. How will we respond?

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