Final days

A month of fasting is already drawing to a close. Only a few days now remain.

If anyone feels inclined to remember me in their prayers, I think these are the things I would like to ask for:

1) Forgiveness for my mountain of mistakes. Forgiveness from those I’ve wronged. That I be more forgiving of others.

2) Self-confidence and self-esteem, but not boastfulness or conceit.

3) More humility and less egomania. More kindness, less anger. More contentment, less envy.

4) Closure and reprieve from all my regrets. To be content with my provision, status and the tests of life.

5) Guidance, courage and a good return.

But for one or two, I have no idea who reads my blog… still, these strangers I must consider friends for returning so often to read my random pontifications and copious footnotes, manic though they are.

God bless you all — citizens of the world — and peace be upon you too.

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