The approaching Bank Holiday weekend now marks twenty-four years since I took up this path.

As it happens, my beloved marks precisely the same anniversary, having embraced the faith that very same weekend in 1998.

It would be another three years before we’d first meet one another, only to learn that our paths had been crossing unknown all that time.

Moments before making that decision to devote ourselves to this way, we had both had to contemplate a decisive question: Will you leave all of this behind?

It’s a question all of us must ask ourselves, over and over through our lives. But it’s a question only for the brave.

My beloved was a secular feminist. I was the son of an Anglican priest. My wife had reason to fear her atheist brothers. I had reason to fear my very religious family.

Nevertheless, when the call comes, you have to answer. When the One calls you, only a fool would turn away.

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