Sunset prayers

Be touched that you were remembered. Of the multitudes once known, you were never forgotten. Though separated by decades and lifetimes lived, still you are recalled in heartfelt prayers.

Never were we friends or companions — some would say arch enemies — but still a connection was planted in the heart. Not of yearning, but of care and concern.

A stranger, separated by the mists of time, cares enough to plead, “Delve back into your inheritance!” An old foe, once despised, is concerned enough to tell you, “Seek and you will find.” I wish you well, sincerely.

We will not meet or speak, our paths never destined to cross again, residing now in such different worlds. These are just the prayers seeded on the tongue of a stranger at sunset, moments before he satiates his hunger and quenches his thirst. Let it be.

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